Why Choose Pixa Photobooth Trinidad

Why Choose Us

It’s your happy moments with the ones you love is what makes this a priceless experience.

Life of the Party!

Our photo booth guarantees a fun, hilarious and EPIC experience for your guests! Guests can choose from our array of props using the booth to show off how funny, creative, whimsical, or just downright silly they can be. When people gather in line at the photo booth, the barriers to communication breakdown because there is an opportunity for unexpected fun! Conversations simply flow more easily when participating in a shared experience, whether it is a wedding, party or corporate function the photobooth is a great social experience!

It’s a Keepsake

These prints are treasured keepsakes and party favours for your guests. There is something magical about instant prints that each guest is guaranteed to keep. The night won’t last forever but the high quality print will allow your guests to relive their fun memories again and again.

Tailor Made! We don’t do one size fits all! Customization is Key!

When you have planned all the little details for your special day, you can’t settle for anything less than #stunning! All of our designs are custom made for you to compliment your event theme! You must approve our beautiful designs before the date so there are no surprises for you.

We are Social!

A picture’s worth a thousand words, right? Attendees will want to share their goofy and fun photos with others—at the event and elsewhere. That way, they’ll be able to share the photos on their social networks—including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram instantly!

Elegant Modern Sexy!

We take great pride in our setups, whether it is a wedding, birthday, brand activation or corporate party we believe that our setup should add to your décor ensuring we are a booth you can be proud of! The modern design of our party booth will compliment the elegance and fun of your event guaranteed. We go through great lengths to make the experience effortless and simple for you.

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