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After you Say “Yes”: Where do you Start with Planning Your Wedding?

After you say, "Yes" to the ring.
Where do you start with planning your big day?
Join us for a 4 week series with tools to aid in your planning.

How to create the perfect wedding budget

You begin planning your wedding; the most popular question is, “Where do I start?!”
It can be stressful and overwhelming planning a wedding whether it is large or small; intimate or grand. For me the biggest challenge was wondering where to start and ensuring I didn’t forget any details. Perfection is found in the details so let’s start with step one. This spreadsheet helps even before you select a wedding planner or have your first consult.

Step one: How much do you want to spend?

Our first worksheet starts by asking how much do you want to spend? It then generates a suggested spending in each category of the essentials of your wedding and it allows you to make changes while keeping you on budget. We made it super easy because the wedding planning is stressful enough.

Step two: Determining your Guest Count?

Well after you get an idea of how much you are spending in each area the next step is the Guest List of course! The guest list is the single item that directly impacts every other element of your wedding from invitations, venue size, décor, catering, bar services to name a few. For our wedding I listed every single person we could think of and then we start decreasing the list by how close we are to him/her. You really can’t invite everyone and after you total the cost you will stop feeling bad about it. We have all been there but you can’t invite everyone.

Step three: Working on the Details

This tool allows you to work on the details associated with each category of your wedding. This tool is simple to use that allows you to record all the areas of your wedding, monitor your budget, deposits, balances and total spending. Its pretty simple and very essential for each bride.

Here are some more way this worksheet will aid in your wedding planning

        ✔️ Helps you collate your guest list that can be used by your stationery team and planner for rsvp
        ✔️Track all your wedding expenses and budget so you stay on target
        ✔️We help you with seating charts
        ✔️We help you manage your vendor list
             ✔️Best of all you manage and budget these things done all in one   place.


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