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What time should I choose for my Photo Booth?

Here is a quick guide to choosing the best time for your wedding photobooth. A photo booth at your wedding transforms your wedding from nice to AMAZING!!! It will end up being a star attraction at your wedding. Plus, you and your guests will have all these fabulous wedding favors to remember the fun! It starts with choosing the right time to compliment your day!

A question that we are often asked, “What’s the best time for the photo booth?” That’s a great question and knowing the answer will help keep costs down whilst also ensuring your guests have a blast and who wouldn’t want that?! Read below for Pixa Photobooth’s advice on your selection.

Cocktail Hour Entertainment

Photobooth during the cocktail hour gives your guests the chance to have something to do while there is down time while you take your beautiful portraits. This is especially ideal if you would like to have a long portrait session with your photographer and want your guests to be entertained.

We are at the entrance so as guests snap beautiful playful pictures and sign the guest book with well wishes for the special couple. At this time your guests love their perfect photobooth pictures with their perfect makeup this is why they make awesome wedding favors.

On the arrival of the Bride & Groom for the formal reception we invite guests to be seated and you get the opportunity to take photos with the couple and the bride squad.

Wedding Reception Party

All the fun starts to happen when the dance floor opens and having the photobooth after dinner it is ideal to get the party started. This is the time when most guests socialize and go from table to table to meet and greet beloved friends and family; to some this is one of those perfect moments to start posing for the camera with all those props and start capturing those wacky and crazy pictures

There will be some guests that are a bit camera shy; however when alcohol is served, these guests start to get more relaxed and all their inhibitions start to disappear and start making crazy-fun poses inside the photo booth.

Instead of having all the guests sitting around and slowly becoming bored, why not start the ball rolling and announce that the photo booth is open. Remember that without a little entertainment, people will surely leave the party after the sharing the feast because not all people are into drinking alcohol and loud music.

This time is ideal if the bride and groom wants to party and take photos with their guests.

Perfect Wedding Photobooth

The most ideal time of course for your photo booth is all day long! You capture guests as they enter and keep them entertained while you take you take your wedding photos.

During the formal proceeding, have a break for a period, we call idle time. Re- open the booth as the dance floor starts and the fun in turned up at the venue! The drinks, music, photos and fun just flows! Guests have a fantastic time with this option! The best option is to hire the photo booth for the duration of your event, this ensures that no matter when guests feel the urge they can jump in the booth and pose away. This is also the perfect option for the wedding favor; you know the photos will be treasured

The final decision is with each client on how they envision their special day, if you only wish to hire the both for a couple hours we certainly recommend that you consider your schedule for the day. Also consider the type of pictures you prefer and get the best photographs possible guaranteed.

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