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3 Fun & Creative Guest Book Ideas

After your wedding there are few ways to really reminisce on the beautiful day some of these may include wedding photos, watching the video and of course reading your guest book. Our couples have found beautiful ways to capture the treasured sentiments of their guests. Check out these incredibly creative guest book ideas.

Jenga Game Guest Book

Our beautiful couple Gian-Marc & Arianne found a beautiful fun way to capture their treasured guest on their day by having their guests sign jenga game wooden blocks. This would be a great game for the couple to play in years to come, even their kids and grand kids will hold the blocks that will become treasured memories. Photos from their wedding planner: Jeune Mariee

Map Guest Book

Our beautiful couple Germal & Dionna travelled the world together and they thought of no better way to capture the love of their guests than having their guests leave sweet messages for them on a world map which they would later frame as a great keepsake.

Pixa Photobooth Guest Book

A fun way to relive the memories of course, is with photos and sweet messages to relive the fun. Guests totally adore this guest book both for weddings and birthday parties as they take photos in their fine outfits and make-up. Its the one guest book that is always fully used by guests!

Even more awesome is re-living the fun with your kids and their kids, what a beautiful moment that would be! Our guests books capture moments that become memories that will forever be treasured.

The guest book is also a fun date night after the wedding to look at the fun moments shared by your guests. This photo was sent to us by our beautiful couple Arya & Kevin as they were about to open their guest book.

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