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Give the Ultimate Wedding Gift…The Gift of PIXA

As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” In this case it can also be worth a thousand memories. Pixa Photobooth packs the fun. Not the bingo at  grandma’s house fun, but the fun where you can forget boundaries and play dress up to take pictures that create endless and priceless memories with those you love.

You’d be surprised how much that special couple would love a photobooth as a wedding gift. It not only gives them a way to keep guests entertained, but also relieves them of the pressure of getting wedding favors. Yes indeed! The pictures are printed instantly and can be favors too!!! Not to mention it gives them a lifetime of special memories that can be shared for years and even generations to come! YAY !

To the couples reading this, you’re probably thinking, “how do I ask my guests for the gift of Pixa Photoboothat my wedding?” We’ve got you covered. We’ve designed this cool flyer you can share to your social media!

To download our cool sign, just right click, choose “Save As” and share to your social media!

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